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Eileen’s Melody

Since I am doing AGdollAwesome’s photo shoot challenge, I dressed Eileen, did her hair in a music note and some curls, gathered my violin set, and took her and my guinea pig peperment outside for some pictures!

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American Girl Violin Set

On my family’s vacation we went to the American Girl store in Chicago. The violin set had been on my list of things since I got a violin of my own. I was trying to decide between the cupcake set and the Violin. (Note to self-decide what to get before you go to an american girl store.) I had money for both, but I didn’t want to spend all my money. I decided on the violin set because my dolls already have cupcakes. It is the first day of school for me, so I decided to review the violin set and compare it with my violin.dscn32771

The set is $34 and it comes with a music stand, two books, rosin, a case, a bow, and of course, a violin. dscn32781                          One of the books is a theory book, and the other is a Christmas song book. dscn32791                        They both stand up on their own. dscn32801                         I HATE theory books, but the books are actual books, with real music. dscn32821                          The set comes with a little block of rosin in a case. I don’t like this. It would make the rosin really hard to use.                   dscn32851                         The bow is made out of plastic, with plastic strings. dscn32861                          The little thing at the end turns, but doesn’t do anything. dscn32881                          I was happy to see the case. Although it doesn’t open very much it is well made. The outside is a durable plastic, textured to look like leather. The inside is blue fuzzy material, with two ribbons to tie the violin in.                     dscn32891                       The handle turns, and the plastic buckles close. dscn32911                      Now we have the violin. Although it is plastic, it is very nice. The strings make noise, although the bow won’t.

dscn32921                    There is nice scroll work, and the tuners really turn. dscn32931                      There is a shoulder rest too. dscn32941                         The last thing is the stand. It is made out of metal, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece. dscn32951                          A bolt thing is underneath so you can rotate the holderything.         dscn32971                        The books actually fit on the stand. dscn32981                      The pole is supposed to be adjustable, but it wouldn’t stay in place so I tied a rubber balloon to it, so I can slide it around and keep it where I want it.   dscn33011                           Eileen can kind of hold the case, but she can’t stand. dscn33021                       I love that the violin can be held if you adjust it right. dscn33041                        She can hold the bow. dscn33051                     But this is the closest she can get to playing it.  dscn33081                          I put the cases side by side. Mine is blue also, but it has room for two bows, a pocket for the rosin, and velcro instead of ribbon. dscn33091                      The bows side by side. dscn33101                         And the rosin. dscn33111                              The doll violin looks a lot like mine. dscn33121                        They both have a shoulder rest. dscn33131                     And they both are fun to play with.

I wish it had come with a shoulder rest. I can’t play my violin without it, but the set didn’t come with one, so I guess I will just have to make one.

I give this set 4/5 stars, for the stand, the rosin and no shoulder rest. Other than that I love the whole set. I think the price is very reasonable, as there is a lot of pieces, and most of them are well made.