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Why I Didn’t Post Today

Me: “Did I post today?”

Sister: “No, the gopher ate the post. And so I ate the gopher. Gopher was covered in cotton candy, which is why I ate him. Gopher was covered in cotton candy because he was trying to make a crown. Gopher was trying to make a crown because his brother the squirrel was going to become king. Gopher asked why HE couldn’t be king. Squirrel asked where his crown was. So Gopher made a crown out of cotton candy. Because the crown was made out of cotton candy everyone thought he was a fairy princess. So he got embarrassed. and squished the crown back into cotton candy. Then he didn’t watch where he was going, and stepped into the cotton candy. Probably a good thing it was that the gopher was eaten, because the squirrel made a crown out of wire, so everyone thought he was king, which made him king.

That is why I didn’t post today.

On a side note: The members of the squirrel mail carrying association are looking for a new squirrel to fulfill the mail carrying duties, since the regular guy is off being king. If anyone knows a squirrel who might be interested, they should send word via squirrel carrier to his royal highness gopherson.

Thank you.

(By the way, none of this is true, it’s just a silly story)