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Review-Fall Dress

dscn34081                          At the festival that happens every year in my area there was a doll booth. (Same booth that I got the cheer leading dress at.) I don’t remember the name, SewSweetness maybe?dscn34091                         The dress that I bought was modeled on Lea, as you see here. I loved the leaf pattern, so I asked if I could buy the display one and they said yes. dscn37041                         I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. It was fifteen dollars, a little more expensive than the other ones priced at twelve, but it was worth it. Just like the cheer leading dress, the quality was amazing. dscn37051                         First let’s talk about the hair bow. It is made out of the same material as the shrug, with a loop of fabric matching the dress holding it all together. I think this a great little piece, but what confused me is that there is nothing to hold it on. No ponytail, no bobby pin, no hair clip, no headband. For now I slipped a hairband through it, but I might slide it on a headband later. dscn37071                          Now here is the shrug. It is a pale green, a little darker than the pictures show, with lots of white dots. I like how this piece goes with the dress, but will be really fun to  mix and match. It’s perfect for spring!dscn37081                          The seams are all finished, the shrug is made with a lining, so no hems. dscn37111                         This is all that shows from the lining. If they made the lining a different fabric it could be reversible. In fact some of the shrugs they were selling were, but this one wasn’t. dscn37121                          Now for my very favorite piece! The dress, It is more like a jumper, the style it is. The pattern is leaves,  apple/cherries and acorns. I love this for fall, but it also works for early winter. dscn37131                       The straps are thin, but thick enough that dolls don’t have to wear anything over or under it for it to be appropriate.

dscn37141                       The skirt is very full, perfectly ruffled. dscn37161                        The back opens all the way up for easy dressing.

Overall I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit It’s cute, it works with many things, and it was affordable. I give it 7/5 stars. This is a dress that someone will always have on.


How To Get Cloth Super Cheap

I love sewing. I love making it, planning it, finishing it, picking out cloth. But to pick out cloth you have to have some. When I was little someone gave me a huge bin of cloth. I loved it, using it, seeing it. Now family members give me cloth, and I never let anyone throw away cloth, I always save it for projects. For years there has been a huge bin of cloth in the corner of our basement, waiting to be used. Most of what I get is hand me down, so it is not all wonderful. You can make wonderful things out of it, but sometimes you just want nice cloth. This is where thrift stores come in. You can buy sheets really cheap, and they have a lot of cloth on them. DSCN8416[1]                            I got these three sheets for less than 5$! More money to spend on patterns!

Of course sometimes you will want to buy cloth, but it can be useful to know where to get cheap cloth.