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I Downsized My Doll Collection

Although I still love dolls, and this blog isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I don’t really play with them anymore and I decided it was time for someone else to love them as much as I did. I don’t really need twenty one dolls, especially since I don’t do a lot with them anymore.

I knew for sure I wanted to keep all six of my American Girl dolls, and I also knew I had to keep Joy. All of the dolls from the thrift store would be going except Callie, who I wanted to keep, but in the end I decided not to, so she went also. That left Maria, Abby, Faith, Riley, Katelyn, and Hope. Faith, Riley, Katelyn and Hope went to my dollhouse, which is now in the basement so other kids that come to our house can play with it, and Maria and Abby joined the others I wanted to give away.

Finding a place to give them to was hard. I googled places to give toys to, but they didn’t fit any of the requirements, and I didn’t want them to go to a thrift store. I wanted them to go to someone who would love them.

We asked some friends of ours who have a bunch of kids, and we ended up giving some clothes and furniture to them, but they didn’t want any of the dolls. My two younger cousins, who I’d given dolls to before wanted a few dolls, so I sent them pictures of the dolls, and they each chose one which I gave them for Christmas.

At this point we had pretty much decided to give the dolls to Goodwill. I had a conversation with one of my mom’s friends, and I ended up asking if any of her children wanted some dolls. She said yes, and so I sent her some pictures, but she didn’t care which ones, so my mom and I decided to give her all eight of them. We figured that she could give whichever ones they didn’t want to Goodwill, since they would have gone there anyway.

So I cleaned up the ten dolls, brushed their hair, (Unless it was really bad, then I just left it since I didn’t want to spend six hours brushing doll hair that really wouldn’t look much better) and dressed them, most of them in crocheted doll clothes that I had from my Etsy shop I used to have.

The eight dolls for my mom’s friend, along with some furniture and extra clothes, went into a huge black trashbag, and we gave it to her when we saw her next. I told her to give whatever they didn’t want to Goodwill, but she said that if they didn’t keep them all they knew families who might want them to pass them onto instead.


In the first picture (Top left) are Jenny, a doll I found at the thrift store, and Abby, a doll I got for Christmas a few years ago. The second picture (top middle) has Maria, a doll I bought soon after Abby. Rachel and Sammi (Top right and middle right) were two of the first three dolls I found at the thrift store, and my first restoration, which you can read about HERE. Liv,  (Middle left) Coral, (Bottom left) and Lisette (Bottom middle) were all found at thrift stores, but I never really did much with them. I named Coral because I realized she didn’t have a name on my way to the challenge in which I entered the underwater habitat, so I named her Coral. Willow (Bottom right) was my cousin’s doll, but she doesn’t play with her anymore, so she gave me Willow. And then Callie, (Middle middle) was a doll I found at a thrift store, but she’s super pretty and photogenic, and I loved to take pictures of her, but I decided to give her away also.

It was kind of hard to give away so much of my collection, but I know they will be used more at their new homes than here, and I’m glad I did.


The Gazebo

I’m not qualifying this as the dollhouse project, but technically it is part of the dollhouse. When Samantha’s Gazebo came out last spring, I knew I wanted to make it. It has taken a whole year, but oh well. I finally finished it (For now) and I think it turned out pretty well. DSCN7889[1]      Last spring, I wanted to find a top for the gazebo. We looked at our hardware store. When we came to the bird feeder section, there was a perfect bird feeder. It had six sides, a top, a bottom. It was a little over my price range, but it was perfect enough, I didn’t care. The bird feeder part was cracked though, and it was the only one left. We went to guest desk thing. I asked, (Being 11, they were more likely to give me a discount.) Since I wasn’t going to use to feed the birds tuppence a bag, tuppence tuppence a bag. (Shout out to everyone in my homeschool groups’s Mary Poppins) it was a perfect bird feeder for my gazebo. The price was even better. Since it couldn’t be used for what it was made for, they gave me eight dollars off, bringing it to four dollars! DSCN7887[1]  Here it is! I used dowels from a broken chair, and beads to lengthen it. I painted it all purple/white. DSCN7888[1]         I used Popsicle sticks to brace it, and I love the way it looks!DSCN7890[1]    It’s a lot smaller then Samantha’s, but it still is pretty big. Big enough for two dolls to sit in chairs and talk.

I am going to use it for camp, and a meeting place for the dolls. I am very happy with it, and it only cost five dollars, (I used dollar store foam bored for the top and bottom.) I’m glad I made it, and it turned out better than I expected.