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Craft Tag

So Victoria from Reverie Dolls nominated me for the Craft Tag. (Okay, technically she just said “you”, but I think this is really cool, so I’m doing it. Kaylyn created this tag.

The rules are:

Answer 5 questions

Create 5+ new questions

Tag people


Victoria’s questions:

What is your favorite craft supply?

Almost anything, although some of my favorites are; cloth, yarn, pompoms, shells, and paint.

Hot glue or liquid glue?

Definitely hot glue, though liquid glue is better for some things. But if hot glue will work, I probably will use it.

Wing it or plan it?

Depends on the project. If it’s small, and I do it as soon as I get the idea, wing it. If it’s really big I’ll probably write some stuff down. Usually though, I’ll plan it in my head, but not write it down.

Have you ever made crafts to go in your bedroom?

Yes. A lot of what’s in my bedroom I made. I’ve made a quilt, some pillows, almost everything on my wall, my bulletin board, a few clothing items, a small dollhouse, and quite a few other things.

Favorite craft you’ve ever made?

Hmm, that’s hard. I love almost everything I’ve made. My quilt is pretty cool though, and I love the rain-forest house I made for Lea.

Okay, I nominate,

Jewel from The Doll Notebook

Julia from Love My Dollies

Gracie from Smile And Craft AG

Kiki from Kiki Through The Looking Glass

Tess from Silver Sky Dolls

My questions are:

What is the weirdest craft material you have ever used?

What kinds of things do you like to make?

Do you use materials from the craft store, or do you use other things also, like recycled or up-cycled things?

Are there any craft supplies that you hate or won’t use?

Do you have a craft area / where do you do your crafts?


The Dollhouse Project Part Five

   part one   part two Part three part four

We made some progress. DSCN7321[1]Here’s the overview. First of all we made the bed work. DSCN7323[1]There is a string connecting one bed wall to the other.  DSCN7324[1]   Lea can jump on the stool to get in bed. DSCN7325[1]  The bed can come down to make bunk beds, or stay up for more room. DSCN7326[1]     Or Lea can put the railing in the back and use it as a bench. DSCN7327[1]   We also made the railing.  DSCN7328[1]      It can swing open like a gate,DSCN7329[1]      Or come off entirely. DSCN7330[1]       We also started on the shower.


The Dollhouse Project Part Four

part one part two Part three

We made a tiny bit of progress yesterday, but I did a lot of stuff by myself, so there is a bunch of progress. DSCN7317[1]Here is a blurry overview of it. DSCN7318[1]     In American Girl’s version there is one bed that moves up and down. In mine it doesn’t come all the way to the wall and there are two. I haven’t figured out how to make it work all the way yet though.DSCN7320[1]   We had some tree rings for a science project, and I took one and made it into a table. I started with just gluing bamboo to it, but that didn’t work so I got dad to drill holes in it for me. I also made two chairs out of bamboo. I might make another one, I haven’t decided. DSCN7319[1]There was a smaller one so I made a stool. We also are starting on doing the floor.

Until next Monday!