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Lily Anna’s Troubles- Part Two

This part is inspired by something real. 

After what happened last night Joy made an effort to be nice. This was very simple but meant the world to me. It was the best part of the summer so far. And it all started by being left out.


I went to sit down but all of my friends were at the other table. There was no room for me.


Sadly I sat down all alone.


Joy came and sat down next to me. She handed me a note.

“I am going to get my food.” She said.


As soon as she left I read the note. It was encouraging.


Then she came back.

“Did you like my little note?”

I nodded. Then she acted like everything was normal, me sitting with Joy. But I knew that something different had happened.

This happened to me at camp. It was likely the best part of my week, although it was just a simple thing.