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Gabriela: Time for Change

This was such an amazing book. Best American Girl book I’ve read. I loved it so much. It was so relatable to normal girls. I related to it quite a bit, though I am way older than the target age range.


I requested this book through our library system, but I didn’t read it right away when I got it. To be honest I wasn’t all that excited about it. But I finally started it. It was a little slow to get into, but it was so, so, good.


The story is about Gabriela dealing with several different things. Her ballet class is working on pointe shoes, something Gabi has dreamed about for most of her eleven years, she is helping plan a halloween party with her co ambassadors, and making a costume with the group. She is making a costume with her best friend Teagan, and working on multiple poems for the upcoming poetry slam she is doing with Teagan, and some other friends.

With all that is going on, some things get pushed aside, especially her friendship with Teagan as she becomes better friends with her co ambassador and former enemy Aliyah.

In the end Gabriela must make a choice about which things mean the most to her, and which ones are only weighing her down.  


But, to me, the book is about friendship, being overwhelmed with too much stuff, and being a good friend even when it’s hard.

I loved how there were lines from Gabriela’s poems in the book, and how one of the poems changes as Gabi grows and changes.

I liked the message that friends are as important as dreams.


But mostly, I loved the decision Gabi had to make, and how it only made things better, though it was really hard.


Go read this book. It’s seriously amazing.


Halloween Party-Part Three

I meant to get this up on Friday. I started the post, but I bet you can guess it didn’t happen. DSCN6290[1]

We all went into the hall to play a game. Faith stood with three brooms, each a different color.

“We are going to play Witch’s Broom. The object of the game is to get the whole team across the hall. Each team has a witch broom. Only one person from each team can walk through the hall at a time, and they have to touch the broom. Each person can only go back and forth once. Now GO!”

Maria’s team walked across.


And then threw the broom back.


So the next girl could go.


Abby’s team did piggyback rides.




And the girl who hadn’t touched the ground went back.


Sandy’s team went across with one person running, and the other person riding on the broom.


The throwing worked best, and that team got across first.


Then the broom riding team.


But one of the girls feel when they were giving a piggyback ride, and they ended in last place.


Faith set up a runway so the girls could show off their costumes. She went first to explain.

“Next we have a fashion show! Each of you can walk on the runway, pose, and get off. There are no prizes but it’s a lot of fun.”

Faith is wearing Maria’s meet dress, Isabelle’s sweater, Riley’s jeans, and the boots that came with Isabella. She also is wearing a witch hat from the dollar store.


Joy was first. She is wearing a grass skirt made of tissue paper, a shirt made from a onesie I got at a thrift store, no shoes, and some necklaces I made from real ones.


Riley hopped on the stage wearing a shirt I made from a pants leg, a green sock as a skirt, and some fins I made last year. She also has some pearl bracelets, a giant pipe cleaner scarf, a seashell necklace, and pearl around her hair.


Rachel and Hope went on stage together. Rachel is a pioneer, wearing a dress, apron, and shoes that I made. Hope’s Amish dress and apron came from an Amish store, and the shoes I made. Funny story: Look at Rachel’s dress, and Hope’s clothes. See how different they are. When I was in Pennsylvania we went on a horse and carriage ride. Mckenna was wearing the dress Rachel is wearing. When we came out of the shop the driver said: I see you got something. I was confused, but then I realized that he thought that dress came from the shop. I wasn’t trying to make it old fashioned, it was going to be Mckenna’s travel outfit. However it worked out perfectly, because that is something that Amish girls might wear.


Eileen flew onto the stage, a craft fairy. I was actually a craft fairy for Halloween. Eileen is wearing wings I made, a tutu I made, her meet dress, and the soft as snow boots.


Sandie is wearing Katelyn’s leotard, the skirt that came with the love to layer accessories, and Hope’s shoes.


Katelyn decided to be a princess. She walked on the stage like a princess. She is wearing a baby dress I got at a garage sale, I decided that Joy’s shoes would be perfect because they were the right colors and heels, and I was going to make a tiara but I found this one from build a bear, so she wore that.


Isabella the butterfly went on stage. She is wearing a dress that I made for Mckenna’s school days when she was the only doll, but it has only really been a butterfly dress. She is also wearing pipe cleaner antenna, wing that I made, and Eileen’s shoes.


Abby the cat meowed on stage with a tail, whiskers, and ears that I made. She also has a leopard print dress and white shoes.


Lily Anna the cowgirl wore a hat from goodwill, the bandanna from my party, Faith’s shoes, the shirt that came on Isabella, and a vest and skirt that I made from a pair of jeans.


Maria Minnie is wearing the outfit from the Minnie post, the ears from the Halloween accessories post, and shoes from an our generation outfit.


Little red Grace wore the hood and skirt from the little red post, the soft as snow sweater, and her boots.


Mckenna hopped on the stage wearing a dress and pompoms from bought from our local festival.

“Who’s the best? Who’s the best? WE ARE WE ARE!”


We all watched a movie.


And then went trick or treating. This party was fun, but now it’s over.

Happy late Halloween!


Pumpkin Hunt-Halloween Party Part 2

At my church’s Halloween party we went outside and looked for pumpkins. I didn’t find any, but it was fun, so my dolls did it too. I went outside after dark, hid the pumpkins, and took the dolls out in groups and took pictures of them.


I started out by looking in a tree.


And some bushes.


More bushes, but no pumpkin.


I looked up high.


And in a mail box.


And down low in a pot. But of course NO PUMPKIN


I started by flying into a tree and looking around. I saw something orange.


So I went to the bushes. I found the pumpkin!


I leaned in to grab it.DSCN6261[1]

I looked under the table.


And in the stream.


And in a bush.


I looked, but didn’t find. (The pumpkin is in the background but she didn’t find it.)


Another bush.


Maybe if I lay here I’ll find it.


I danced outside. I wanted to find that pumpkin.


I sat and looked around. But I got cold.


I flew around. My sisters are all so talented, even though I am too, sometimes it feels like they are all amazing and I’m just a sister. I was going to find that pumpkin, no matter what it takes.


It didn’t take much. It was on top of a HUGE log.


I grabbed it. Lets go in.


Grace and I went out together. I was scared, but I wasn’t about to let that show.


We sat against a log, enjoying the scenery. Even if we didn’t find a pumpkin, this is fun (Pumpkin in the background again.)


I’m a hula dancer! But hula dancers sleep. I wonder if I go in there will be time to sleep?


I flounced outside like a princess. SELFIE!




Being a princess I can go in if I want. And I can run too. And I can be scared.


I walked outside. I don’t care about a silly pumpkin, I want to play in the dark!


I swung on a swing.


And sat on a log.

Then I went in, because all the pumpkins had been found.


I was outside, but I wanted to go in. I was tiered, (Even though it was only five) I was cold, and I didn’t want to be out here.


I was about to go in when something caught my eye.


The last pumpkin!


I seized it. NOW we can go in.


The winners with the pumpkins. They each got to keep the pumpkins, and a bowl of candy.

So what did you think of the pumpkin hunt? It was really fun to do. Part three coming soon.


Halloween Party Part 1

My dolls had a Halloween party, and I took pictures. I had a ton of fun, but I took more then 100 pictures! So this will be posted in several parts.


Faith sat on the couch, greeting the girls who came. All of the family was supposed to dress up and come.


The house was decorated for Halloween.


Lots of candy.


When everyone was there, we lined up into two groups. Faith explained the rules.

“It’s a relay race. One team has to bob for candy rocks, each girl bobbing till she gets her rock, and the other team is drinking the water from the barrel. Each girl has ten seconds, and a straw, and you have to suck up as much water as possible. It is mostly fair.”


Mckenna raced over and put her face in the bucket.


Then Isabella raced over to suck.


It was almost over. Joy went to get the last rock, and Katelyn went to suck. The bobbers won. Joy’s team cheered until Faith shushed them.


Katelyn just picked up the bowl and drank.


We gathered around Faith.

“Next we are going to mummyfy someone. Who wants to be a mummy?”


Isabella and Rachel raised their hands, and Rachel was picked.


We made a line to mummyfy her.


Rachel waited on the bed to start. Everyone got a turn. We took pictures of everyone.




Now Rachel is a mummy. She looked funny, so we took a picture. We helped her out, and moved onto the next thing.

So what do you think of the party? The mummy was fun to make. The next part will come tomorrow.