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Underwater Habitat Part One – Inspiration And Set Up

When I read the Luciana books, I started making lists of things I wanted to make from the books. Robots, penguins, all sorts of things.

Normally in American Girl books, I want the character to not get what they want, because it’s so cliche. But in Luciana Braves The Deep I wanted Luciana to go the Cetus, the underwater habitat so I could see inside it. Spoiler alert, she does get to go to Cetus. And when I read that part I knew I wanted to make an underwater habitat for my dolls.

I wanted to do more that just a cardboard room this time, though I didn’t want it to be completely permanent, because I knew it would have to be big. I was thinking building a wood box to put it in. Then I remembered a contest that my Mom had entered me and my sisters in. (Without asking, but she knew we would want to do it.) A recycling challenge, called the Build It Challenge. So I decided to make my underwater habitat for the challenge.

The Build It Challenge doesn’t have many rules, but among the few lies “No power tools.” So that rules out building a wood box.

I’ve wanted a bookshelf under my window for a long time now, and also a window seat. So I decided on trying to find a bookshelf at the thrift store, with a shelf under the room for books, and the top the window seat part. It seemed like a perfect way to have everything I wanted there.

The first time we looked at the thrift store we didn’t find anything.

Bookshelf with shelves

The second time we looked we found these two bookshelves, only one with actual shelves, and not in great shape, but they were only a dollar each, so I convinced my mom to let me take them home.

“I’ll make them work. You know I always do.”


I started by pulling the shelves out, and the little thingies that keep the shelves up.


To be wide enough for a bed, they had to be both there, so I shoved them together. They are made of particle board, but the backs are only thick cardboard. One of the shelves’s back was falling off, so I yanked it all the way off with the back of a hammer.

They don’t have the shelf underneath, are falling apart, and, as of right now, aren’t sturdy enough to sit on. But, although they aren’t perfect, they are good enough, and I know I can make them work, I know I can turn them into an amazing underwater habitat.

I have about a month before the challenge, which is a lot of time, but not for what I’m planning to do. I’ve started on the beds and some other stuff, but I have a lot to do.

I’m planning on posting updates regularly, so stay tuned for the next part!


Welcome To The Indian House!

For school I had to do a project on Indians. I decided to make my dolls an Indian house, so here it is. I put a lot of work into this.dscn36811                          I make the house out of cardboard and covered it with twine stuff. On this side there is a door cut out. dscn36821                        The beds are stacked, and on the top there is blankets. The bottom layer they use for benches and tables during the day.dscn36831                            Here’s my collection of food. dscn36851                         And Mia’s outfit.

There are a few more things I forgot to add, but mainly it’s finished.


The Dollhouse Project Part Five

   part one   part two Part three part four

We made some progress. DSCN7321[1]Here’s the overview. First of all we made the bed work. DSCN7323[1]There is a string connecting one bed wall to the other.  DSCN7324[1]   Lea can jump on the stool to get in bed. DSCN7325[1]  The bed can come down to make bunk beds, or stay up for more room. DSCN7326[1]     Or Lea can put the railing in the back and use it as a bench. DSCN7327[1]   We also made the railing.  DSCN7328[1]      It can swing open like a gate,DSCN7329[1]      Or come off entirely. DSCN7330[1]       We also started on the shower.


The Dollhouse Project Part Four

part one part two Part three

We made a tiny bit of progress yesterday, but I did a lot of stuff by myself, so there is a bunch of progress. DSCN7317[1]Here is a blurry overview of it. DSCN7318[1]     In American Girl’s version there is one bed that moves up and down. In mine it doesn’t come all the way to the wall and there are two. I haven’t figured out how to make it work all the way yet though.DSCN7320[1]   We had some tree rings for a science project, and I took one and made it into a table. I started with just gluing bamboo to it, but that didn’t work so I got dad to drill holes in it for me. I also made two chairs out of bamboo. I might make another one, I haven’t decided. DSCN7319[1]There was a smaller one so I made a stool. We also are starting on doing the floor.

Until next Monday!