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Review Cheer leading Dress

At our local festival in October I bought a cheer leading dress and matching pompoms from one of the booths. It was handmade, but it could compete with American Girl. It was 11 dollars, a great deal for a dress of it’s quality. DSCN7665[1]        I chose Riley as my model because she looks so good in it. RAH RAH!

POMPOMSDSCN7667[1]   The pompom is made of white and blue yarn, and a blue ribbon tying the yarn to the elastic. DSCN7666[1]  Riley can hold the pompoms, but because the elastic isn’t tight the actual pompom part falls to the bottom. DSCN7668[1]        If you wedge the yarn between her fingers she can hold it. DSCN7669[1]   They look really cute on her hair too.

THE DRESS DSCN7670[1]   The dress is made of blue fabric with white and blue ribbon details. DSCN7671[1]     The neck is made much like a turtle neck, but it doesn’t come up very high. DSCN7672[1]   The dress has no sleeves, instead it is hemmed. DSCN7673[1]        White ribbon on top of blue ribbon is zigzag stitched onto the front of the dress. I love this detail. DSCN7674[1]   The skirt is very full, ruffled onto the dress. It is very even, not like my ruffles. DSCN7675[1]   The end of the dress has the same blue and white ribbon. DSCN7676[1]  The Velcro closure in the back isn’t very noticeable.  DSCN7677[1]  There is thread tangled up in the velcro on my dress, but you can’t see it most of the time. DSCN7679[1]   Riley can do splits in this dress.

I overall love this dress. It would have been nice if it had come with something for her hair, but it doesn’t take away.

I rate this dress 10/10