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Four Years of Dolltastically Fun

I haven’t been posting a lot recently on here, but Friday was Dolltastically Fun’s four year anniversary, and I wanted to make a (short) post about it.

I started Dolltastically Fun about four years ago as a way to share my craziness about dolls with other people and connect with other people who love dolls as much as I do.


A picture of Abby from a few months after I started Dolltastically Fun.

I had had a blog before that.


A picture of my guinea pig Nibbles from when my blog was a guinea pig blog.

It was a guinea pig blog for awhile, but after awhile I changed the name to Creative Castle and started posting my mini dolls’ adventures there.


One of my mini dolls’ adventures.

Creative Castle ran out of picture space around the same time I got my first full sized American Girl doll, so I started Dolltastically Fun and it became my not-mini-doll blog. I post on Creative Castle now as my writing blog.


Lily Anna showing us a scooter. 

I used to post almost every day, but as I’ve gotten older I don’t have the time anymore, especially since I try to spend more time on making great posts. I think my posts have improved a ton since I started this blog. The pictures are better, (Though not quite where I’d like them to be) and the writing is also a bunch better.


One of my favorite pictures of Eileen.

Although I’ll always love my dolls I’m starting to downsize some and spend less time with my dolls. I think my dolls are more about making posts and taking pictures than playing with them, right now, for me.

I still plan to post on here, at least once in awhile, and I hope Dolltastically Fun stays around for a long time.

Here’s to four more years!