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I Downsized My Doll Collection

Although I still love dolls, and this blog isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I don’t really play with them anymore and I decided it was time for someone else to love them as much as I did. I don’t really need twenty one dolls, especially since I don’t do a lot with them anymore.

I knew for sure I wanted to keep all six of my American Girl dolls, and I also knew I had to keep Joy. All of the dolls from the thrift store would be going except Callie, who I wanted to keep, but in the end I decided not to, so she went also. That left Maria, Abby, Faith, Riley, Katelyn, and Hope. Faith, Riley, Katelyn and Hope went to my dollhouse, which is now in the basement so other kids that come to our house can play with it, and Maria and Abby joined the others I wanted to give away.

Finding a place to give them to was hard. I googled places to give toys to, but they didn’t fit any of the requirements, and I didn’t want them to go to a thrift store. I wanted them to go to someone who would love them.

We asked some friends of ours who have a bunch of kids, and we ended up giving some clothes and furniture to them, but they didn’t want any of the dolls. My two younger cousins, who I’d given dolls to before wanted a few dolls, so I sent them pictures of the dolls, and they each chose one which I gave them for Christmas.

At this point we had pretty much decided to give the dolls to Goodwill. I had a conversation with one of my mom’s friends, and I ended up asking if any of her children wanted some dolls. She said yes, and so I sent her some pictures, but she didn’t care which ones, so my mom and I decided to give her all eight of them. We figured that she could give whichever ones they didn’t want to Goodwill, since they would have gone there anyway.

So I cleaned up the ten dolls, brushed their hair, (Unless it was really bad, then I just left it since I didn’t want to spend six hours brushing doll hair that really wouldn’t look much better) and dressed them, most of them in crocheted doll clothes that I had from my Etsy shop I used to have.

The eight dolls for my mom’s friend, along with some furniture and extra clothes, went into a huge black trashbag, and we gave it to her when we saw her next. I told her to give whatever they didn’t want to Goodwill, but she said that if they didn’t keep them all they knew families who might want them to pass them onto instead.


In the first picture (Top left) are Jenny, a doll I found at the thrift store, and Abby, a doll I got for Christmas a few years ago. The second picture (top middle) has Maria, a doll I bought soon after Abby. Rachel and Sammi (Top right and middle right) were two of the first three dolls I found at the thrift store, and my first restoration, which you can read about HERE. Liv,  (Middle left) Coral, (Bottom left) and Lisette (Bottom middle) were all found at thrift stores, but I never really did much with them. I named Coral because I realized she didn’t have a name on my way to the challenge in which I entered the underwater habitat, so I named her Coral. Willow (Bottom right) was my cousin’s doll, but she doesn’t play with her anymore, so she gave me Willow. And then Callie, (Middle middle) was a doll I found at a thrift store, but she’s super pretty and photogenic, and I loved to take pictures of her, but I decided to give her away also.

It was kind of hard to give away so much of my collection, but I know they will be used more at their new homes than here, and I’m glad I did.


Spring Photo Shoot

For Easter I dressed up all my dolls in nice, springy outfits and took them outside for a photo shoot. I did a group picture, but also single pictures of each doll. I am going to use these as profile pictures because the place where I used to take profile pictures no longer exists.


Group picture!

This was really fun to take. I had to arrange all fifteen dolls. (Count them!) Most of the dolls are positioned well. A couple of them I don’t like so much, such as Gabi, Jenny, and Faith. Overall though, I really like this picture.

I am going to try to use it as a header image. I don’t know how well that will work…

Mckenna is not colorblind


I really like this picture. Mckenna’s hair is frizzy, and I didn’t have a good pair of shoes for this outfit that no one else was wearing, but whatever. Who needs shoes?

Mckenna is wearing:

A dress that I sewed and tie dyed,

The shrug from the fall outfit I bought at our local festival,

The matching hair bow with aquamarine lace wrapped around it.


I like this one too. The outfit looks good on Abby, but come to think of it, she would never wear something that frilly.

Abby is wearing:

American Girl Grace’s opening night dress

Headband from American Girl Grace’s opening night outfit.


I like how the tall grass and flowers cast shadows on Riley.

Riley is wearing:

Shirt from the American Girl spring breeze outfit,

Tunic from the American Girl spring breeze outfit,

Leggings from the American Girl warm winter outfit,

Shoes from the American Girl spring breeze outfit,

Random butterfly hair clip.


Katelyn isn’t looking at the camera. Argh! And her hair is messy.

Katelyn is wearing:

My Life As dress,

Headband from a Madame Alexander outfit. (I looked, but I got it years ago, and I have no idea what the outfit is called)


Oh, I love this picture of Grace. Even though the shoes never made it on her.

Grace is wearing:

Skirt that I made out of lace and fabric I dyed,

Tank top from American Girl Gabriela McBride’s meet outfit,

American Girl Isabelle’s purple Wrap sweater.

Hope and Pride

Argh! This one’s kind of blurry.

Hope is wearing:

Cheerleader dress from my local festival,

Pom pom from the cheerleader outfit (In her hair)

Headband from Our Generation Joy’s meet outfit,

Boots that I made.


Joy looks so adorable in that dress.

Joy is wearing:

A dress that I made,

Our Generation Joy’s meet shoes.

Maria moose

Maria isn’t looking at the camera, but I like this one.

Maria is wearing:

A baby dress I adjusted to fit my dolls,

The headband from the American Girl love to layer accessories,

The shoes that Journey Girl Callie was wearing when we found her.

Faith under the branches

Not one of my favorites, but it’s okay.

Faith is wearing:

A baby dress I adjusted to fit 18 inch dolls,

Our Generation Parker’s meet shoes.


I absolutely love this one. It fit’s Eileen’s personalty so well.

Eileen is wearing:

The American Girl petals and posies dress that Mia was wearing when I found her,

A pearl bracelet from Our Generation,

Random blue ribbon,

And she’s holding a dandelion.


I don’t really like this picture, but it fits Lea’s personality.

Lea is wearing:

American Girl Merry Magenta dress,

American Girl Merry Magenta headband.


I really like the outfit that Mia is wearing.

Mia is wearing:

A dress that I made,

A sash that my cousin crocheted,

The Journey Girls shrug Callie was wearing when we found her,

American Girl Lea’s meet shoes,

Our Generation Parker’s meet headband,

An ice skate charm on a piece of ribbon.


I like this picture. If only Gabi was sitting up more.

Gabi is wearing:

Our Generation Doll shirt, (Someone gave it to me, and I never identified it)

American Girl headband from Grace’s baking outfit,

American Girl Gabriela McBride’s meet leggings,

American Girl boots from Soft As Snow outfit.


Callie is so fun to pose! This picture was fun to take.

Callie is wearing:

A dress I made,

Headband from American Girl Spring Breeze outfit,

Shoes from Our Generation tworiffic twin set.


Argh! Jenny’s hair is so frizzy.

Jenny is wearing:

My Twin Blooming Flower dress,

My Twin shoes,

Random hair clip.


So there you have it. This year’s Easter photo shoot. I hope you enjoyed.


Joy’s Journal Part 2-5

Today was the day we drove to River Valley school. It was five hours away, too far too come and go every day so we were to be boarding students.

dscn37831           I don’t know what happened when we got to the checkout desk, but Savana suddenly lost it.

dscn37841             “Joy Fully is in room 876 and Sava-”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I wanna be with JOY!”

“Sorry. You are in room 43-”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I won’t do it unless I can be with JOY!” dscn37851           Savana’s mom stepped up.

“Actually Joy probably should be with someone she knows, or she won’t take it well. She has been known to do some not so smart things when she is sad, and she might try to run away if she isn’t with Savana.”

I hoped she was making some of that up, but it worked, and we got to room together.

“You too may go up to room 768 but Mrs Parker stays here.”

We said tearful goodbyes and went up to our room. dscn37861            It wasn’t much, but a place to call our own.  I saw a bunk bed, a ladder/shelf, a desk (Why not two?) and a sink. dscn37871           Tired from hours in the car I jumped up to the top bunk and fell asleep. dscn37881           Savana jumped up to me, I don’t know how much later.

“Someone came to our door and asked for Joy Fully to come to the nurse’s office.” dscn37901            The place wasn’t much bigger than ours, decorated the same way. The nurse sat in a chair. dscn37911



Suddenly I knew the nurse’s name=. She used to be my school nurse, back when I was little.


“What are you doing here Joy? Don’t you have a good school?”

Tearfully I told her my story, ending with: “And with my chronic illness and all my parents decided to send me here.”

“You still have that?”

“The chronic illness?”

“I was afraid this would happen.” Ellen groaned.


“When you were younger your chronic illness wasn’t nearly as bad. I was hoping it would go away, but it only got worse it seems.”

“All too soon.”

dscn37921             I hopped on the top bunk. dscn37931            Ellen jumped after me.

“Mind if I give you some advice?”

“Yes please.”

“If you aren’t felling well skip a day of classes. Don’t push yourself, or you could make yourself extremely sick.”

Oh how I wish I’d listened.


A Not Kayaking Adventure

It was a hot summer day, the kind that makes you want to get wet. So Lea and Abby dragged a kayak to the river with intentions of going kayaking.

DSCN9938[1]                           They plopped the kayak down and sat down.

“Where is the water?” Lea asked Abby. DSCN9940[1]                       She got up on a rock and looked around.

“Let’s go down the river and see if there is any water.” DSCN9941[1]                       Abby slid into a hole. She screamed. DSCN9942[1]                      Suddenly she saw something cool. DSCN9943[1]                        “Hey Lea look at this!” DSCN9944[1]                       It went on like that. Lea found a mushroom. DSCN9945[1]                           Abby came to look at it. Soon the kayaking trip was forgotten and they spent all their time exploring. DSCN9946[1]                        After awhile they had to rest. DSCN9947[1]                         Abby went over to a big rock and climbed on it. DSCN9948[1]                     Jumping into the water made a huge splash. DSCN9950[1]                      Lea came to see what made the sound. DSCN9951[1]                      But she only dipped her feet in. DSCN9952[1]                          They found a mushroom rock, the signal that they should look for the bridge. DSCN9953[1]                             Pretty soon they saw it, a big bridge with three lanes, though no cars were on it. DSCN9954[1]                        Abby hopped onto a log. DSCN9955[1]                        Then some roots.DSCN9956[1]                   Then finally the ground. DSCN9957[1]                     Following, Lea jumped on the log. DSCN9958[1]                      Then the roots. DSCN9959[1]                           Then the pavement. DSCN9960[1]                         The girls walked down the bridge, sad that it was over. What started as a kayaking trip became so much more.


Rope Course

My family always has ropes up in our backyard. We string them up different ways and walk across them. Ours our sort of in the woods, so I did it for jungle week. You will need thin rope or strong string. DSCN8692[1]                           I strung it from one tree to another, tying in the middle. Make sure to tie it really tight. You can add a top rope if you want. DSCN8693[1]                        Now put a doll on and maybe a harness. I am using a string tied around Abby’s waist and a clip, more to keep her up then for her. DSCN8694[1]                      Apparently Abby decided to go zip lining.

You can do this as many ways as you want. I just used the two strings so I did a tight rope, but we have done it more ways than I can count.

Till tomorrow!


Review-Marigold Market Boots

DSCN7365[1]       A few weeks ago we got a new Hobby Lobby! We went to the grand opening, and I got some doll boots. They were five dollars, and I think they are worth what we paid for them. DSCN7366[1]Here is Abby modeling the boots again. They fit well, and she can stand well in them. (Abby doesn’t stand well.) DSCN7368[1]   And here are the boots off the doll. DSCN7369[1]They have fake fur on them, and a ribbon with pompoms on the ends. DSCN7373[1]     In this picture you can see how the ribbon is attached. They also have a working zipper on the side, but it is more for show than getting the boots on and off. DSCN7374[1]  You can tie the ribbons, or loop them around an extra time. DSCN7375[1]      The bottom of the shoe is a lot like a real snow boot would be.

Over all I love these boots. They are designed as snow boots, but they could work as fashion boots too, for summer or spring. On a scale of one to five I give them a six!


Costume Accessories

It’s the day before Halloween. Everyone is excited, finishing up their costumes, but maybe you need a last minute costume. Here are a few ideas to turn a normal outfit into a costume.



So let’s start with the butterfly. Isabella is wearing a dress that I made for Mckenna as a first day of school outfit, but It’s only really been used as a butterfly dress. Right now Isabella is Isabella. She needs wings and antenna to be a butterfly.


For antenna you can just twist pipe cleaners together.


To make wings, start be gluing paper to thin cardboard. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to cover up the cardboard.


Fold in quarters and cut out a wing shape. Unfold and you have wings. I covered my wings in lace, and glued ribbon on to hold the wings on.


Now Isabella is a butterfly.


Cat (Or lion, Or Dog, Or tiger, Or anything else that has ears, whiskers, and a tail)

Abby is wearing a dress that I got at a thrift store as a baby dress. It works perfectly as a cat dress though.


For ears fold a piece of paper in half, and cut the shape you want out.


Open it, glue it around a hairband, and fold the shape shut.


Now we have ears. For whiskers, cut a triangle out of paper, glue strings to it, and then glue a hairband on it, and slip it around your dolls head.


Whiskers Abby has.


For your tail, fold a the end of a giant pipe cleaner around a hair band.


Now Abby is a cat.

For the witch broom:


Start by cutting a pile of straw, or whatever else you want to use as bristles. Cut the bendy part off of a straw.


Start gluing bristles in the straw. You could stop here, or you can glue more bristles around the edge of the straw. Ether way, you can glue a piece of ribbon or string around the top, like it’s holding everything together.


I glued ribbon around my broom several times, to help hold the bristles on. You are done.

Now you can easily make a last minute costume,


New Springfield Dolls Updated

I have new information and pictures, so here they are. ChristianHomeschooler  from TreasuredFriendshipsWithAflair took some pictures, and kindly granted me permission to use them. You can see them here.

The new dolls are officially in stock at the stores, except Michaels has switched to another brand for the holidays, so you can’t find them there. You can get them at Hobby Lobby, and probably Joanns, however on the websites, they are still the old dolls.


Here are all the dolls That Hobby lobby had. They got a new box, but it looks to be the same, flimsy, style.


Here is Abby. I like the picture on the front of the box, but they don’t sell the clothes with the dolls, so they shouldn’t have done that.


Then we have Emma. There is a price tag that says 24.99, I think.


Here we have Olivia. I like how she looks more realistic, and I love the red hair and teal.


Last we have Madison. She changed the most, but she is still cute.

Thank you Christianhomeschooler for lending me the pictures!

I was looking at the Springfield website’s dolls. All of them looked weird except Maria. I clicked on the pages to the the pictures and this is what I found out.


Madison is OUT OF STOCK 

Olivia is OUT OF STOCK 


Maria is not, but this is why.

The pictures of the dolls are different. All but Maria have different face molds, and all the dolls that had bangs won’t anymore. The new pictures say arriving December 1. I think that they discontinued the dolls, and are making new dolls to be released December 1.

Here are the new ones and the old ones.

It looks like the new Abby has lighter skin, darker lips, and a slightly different shade of hair. It doesn’t look like a big smile anymore, and the eyebrows are visible, and too dark. No bangs ether.

Madison - 18 inch African-American Doll

The old Madison has darker skin, the new one’s looks like Maria’s. The new Madison’s eyes are darker, and the hair looks different. The lips are darker, like I think they should have been on old Madison.  Emma - 18 inch Doll

Emma looks like she is wearing mascara. The lips are more realistic, and the eyebrows are too dark.

Olivia - 18 inch Doll

The new Olivia has a different shade of skin, and doesn’t look like she is wearing blush, and lipstick. Her hair looks redder, and her eyes darker. The dress looks different, but it might be the picture.

Maria - 18 inch Latina doll

The only thing I can tell about Maria is her hair won’t be layered.

In some ways the change will be better, in some ways worse. If you want an old doll, get it now, before they go away. I don’t know how long the stores will have the old dolls, or even if they will get new dolls at all. I am not planing on getting any new dolls, but I hope the hair quality goes way up. (Abby’s hair is a frizzy mess, and Maria’s is on it’s way.)

What do you think of the changes? I don’t know if everything is true, most is just guesses. Lexie

River Riding

The aquarium had a activity where I could ride in a boat on the river to see fish. I chose a small boat and set out.


Setting out. The water was murky.


It was sort of rocky but that was okay. I paddled though it.


It was sort of dark here but I didn’t see any fish. It was time to get out.

I was disappointed that I didn’t see any fish but I walked though the rest of the exhibits to see what they had.


There was a whale,




And frogs.

I guess it wasn’t so bad.

Fun fact. Never put your doll in water. I put her in the boat and stuck it in rocks or sand so that it wouldn’t tip but I still had to be careful. 


Thrifty Thursday-Hammock




I wanted to make a hammock for my dolls as soon as I saw the release.DSCN4313[1]download

Here is the inspiration for the hammock and the real thing.

Here is how to make your own.


Get a box that is big enough for your doll to lay in. This is the best I could do but If I had a bigger one I would have used that instead.


I got my dad to hep me and we cut off the corners and flaps. You could use scissors but a box knife might be better. This is your base.


Cover it with contact paper. (Or Paper, Or cloth, Or duck tape, OR paint)


Cut a piece of cloth into a rectangle. I had a dress that I used to wear and I thought it would be perfect with the flowers and flip flops.


Gather the end and tie it with ribbon or string.



Cut a slit in the end of your base and stick your ribbon in and tie it and cover the open end with more contact paper.


Do it on both sides.


Open up the cloth, give your doll a magazine and let her relax!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the contest! There is still time. Here are the rules.  https://dolltasticallyfun.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/contest-and-rules/