Meet The Dolls

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of my collection as it is always changing. So here are all of my dolls currently.

DSCN8335[1]                                                       I found Mia at a thrift store for 1$. I was so happy. Mia is confident and loves ice skating. She is always willing to help her sisters, and is a good peace maker. Her birthday is January 28


I bought Lea after she came out. She loves photography, the ocean, and animals. She is shy, but not enough to stop her from doing things. She loves Brazil, and lives like it. Her birthday is August 14, but I got her on January 16.


I bought Eileen to be like me, so she loves to make things, and likes to play with dolls. She has a few friends, and can be shy. She is the little sister of the family, and is used to being overlooked. She likes to play outside in her awesome backyard, during recess, which is at home because, unlike everyone else, she is homeschooled. Her birthday is August 8



I got Faith to be a camp counselor. She is the leader of the group and does the camp stuff. She is confident and willing to take charge. After camp, the girls asked her to come and live with her, and she did. She is also the school teacher.  Her birthday is May 14.


I got Maria for Maria May. She likes to help people. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up and is working towered her dream. If someone is hurt she is the first to help. Her birthday is April 30


I ordered Joy online because we looked in three stores and she wasn’t there. When she came we found out that she likes art. She is sort of shy, but only a little. She is from the 50s, and acts like it. Her birthday is March 20.


I got Hope when I had enough money. She will help anyone and will style anyone’s hair. She is a girly girl. She has a lot of hair that she likes to keep up, for when she plays. Her birthday is February 20


I spent December saving up for Grace. When It finally came time to get her I was happy. I got to see the store and pick out a Grace. When I went to the American Girl Store, I exchanged my Grace, so now I have a new one.  She loves to bake. She also has a love for baking. She is willing to help anyone bake. She wants to start a business. Her birthday is September 17, but I got her on January 6, and exchanged her on August 7.


I got Katelyn for Christmas. I got her last, so I was happy that I got her. She is a nice girl but she spends a lot of time ice skating. She is never happy to be pulled away from her sport. She is sometimes helpful, but not always. Her birthday is December 24.


I got Riley for Christmas. I was a little disappointed because I thought that she was my last gift and I wasn’t getting the doll I had hoped for. But I was still happy with such a pretty doll. She Is sweet but very shy. When her sisters aren’t around she will sing. It is hard for her to be looked up to because she is so shy. Her birthday is December 24.


I got Abby for Christmas. I wasn’t expecting more than one doll but I got three! She is sweet, and she loves animals more that her family. All the pets the family has belong to her. She also likes to play with kids, so she spends a lot of time with the younger girls. She also loves the outdoors. Her birthday is December 24.


This is Mckenna. She was my first doll. I saved up for 7 months to get her. When I finally won her she didn’t get there until I was at camp and I had to wait till the end of camp to see her. She loves gymnastics and is a little bit of a know it all. She is a confident, headstrong girl. When she can she will help the younger girls. Her birthday is July 25.


9 thoughts on “Meet The Dolls

  1. You have such cute dolls!
    Sorry I haven’t commented in such a long time!
    I’ve been busy and I haven’t really been on much.

    Kathleen (aka the girl who asked if you had Katelyn on the DD St.Patty’s post)


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