Review Princess Parables Charity

At our local homeschool convention, just like last year Princess Parables was there. This year I bought one of the dolls to review. Here are some pictures of the booth though.

DSCN7838[1]DSCN7842[1]DSCN7841[1]DSCN7840[1] There are five dolls, Joy, hope, Faith, Charity, and I don’t know if I have a picture of Grace.DSCN7843[1]       Here’s the big banner. DSCN7839[1]         And another picture.DSCN8395[1]                           I bought Charity and her book. I like her story, the green is nice, and I don’t have any other dolls named Charity. I’ll review the book first.  DSCN8396[1]                     The cover of the book shows Charity in a glittery dress with her horse.  This book is about how Charity’s dad tells her not to go to her uncles land. When she goes out exploring she finds a hurt boy very close to his land, and she wants to help him, but she is worried she will get in trouble. She does anyway, and the brothers become friends again. I think the plot could have been better, but I like that it is after a a parable.

DSCN8397[1]                          In this picture Charity is wearing boots. DSCN8398[1]                        Here is a picture of her helping. DSCN8399[1]                           And some explaining at the end.

The book is well written, but appeals to younger girls than me, and I don’t find it very interesting.

Now on to Charity!DSCN8401[1]                          Charity has a heart shaped face, line eyebrows, blue and green eyes looking to her left. Her face is made of a different, plastic than the rest of her body, squeezable. She wears a crown. DSCN8402[1]                          She has brushable golden hair. DSCN8403[1]                          Her dress is beautiful, but the sleeves are done weird, like it is too big. The bodice has seams, but one is already snagged.DSCN8404[1]                      The skirt is very full with three layers, a plain layer, a layer with ribbons and bows, and a darker layer.DSCN8405[1]                           The ribbon and bows go all the way around, though you can’t see them. DSCN8406[1]                     There is a bow in the back. DSCN8407[1]                       She wears pink high heals, but in the book she has boots. DSCN8409[1]                    Her feet look made for the heals, and her feet are pink where the shoes were. DSCN8410[1]                          Charity can’t stand without the fancy, full dress.DSCN8411[1]                       She wears underwear.DSCN8412[1]                     And the dress has velcro.

The doll looks older than in the book, and I don’t like that. She is a wonderful doll, but mine will sit on a shelf and look pretty, as I don’t play with these dolls anymore.

I rate her 4/5 stars.