Mini Lalaloopsy



Riley and Sandy were playing with their mini Lalaloopsy that Sandy brought. They thought that they were really fun, and wanted me to review them.


Recently I found a lalaloopsy tin at a garage sale. It was three dollars but I got it for one. The top has Bea spells a lot on it. Like all of the dolls she has button eyes and a stitched on mouth and cheeks but they aren’t rag dolls. The story is they are rag dolls that come to life when they are finished. Apparently though they turn plastic when played with.


The top has a clasp, and a handle stringed with beads.


I opened it up to revel a metal tin with 7 dolls in it.


This is Jewel Sparkles. Like all of the dolls she has dangley feet and can’t stand up. Her arms and head also move. She wears a pink dress, shoes, and a pink tiara around her curls.


This is a bad picture. Sorry about that.

Crumbs Sugar Cookie wears a pink dress and an apron dress. She has high boots, and a bow in her curls.


Peanut Big Top has a mismatched outfit, which I like. She is supposed to be from the circus or something. She has striped tights, boots, a skirt, a shirt, sash, and gloves. She also in her hair has a bow.


I like Mittens fluff and stuff. She looks cozy with a sweater, vest, skirt, tights, bloomers, and boots. I also like the blue hair and bows.


This one is Bea spells a lot. She is the only one with blue eyes, that I have. She wears a school outfit of shirt, jumper, tights, and boots.


Spot Splatter Splash is nice. She has a dress and smock. She likes to do art.


This last one is Pillow feather bed. She can move in different ways then the rest of them.

The dolls are the right size for 18 inch dolls.


The case also works for dolls and it fits nicely away for storage.