Random Trip Stuff

This weekend I went on a trip with my family to visit an Aunt. Mckenna came along, and here is some random doll stuff. I didn’t bring my camera into the hotel so they are all car pics, but some of them are good. It was at least ten hours in the car, and Mckenna helped with some of that.

DSCN8058[1] DSCN8061[1] DSCN8062[1]                   This is my favorite picture from the batch. DSCN8063[1] DSCN8264[1] DSCN8265[1]                        When we went to lunch we had to wait 40 minutes, so we walked over to goodwill next to the place we were eating. I found an american girl book in the book section and read it on the way home.

DSCN8266[1] DSCN8267[1]

It’s a Mckenna song!DSCN8268[1]                   Now here is a little hairstyle how to.  You will everything on my lap. DSCN8269[1]                     Use your doll’s hair to cut yarn a bit longer than her hair. DSCN8270[1]                       Tie the yarn to a hairband. DSCN8271[1]                            Put on the doll’s head. DSCN8272[1]                          Separate some hair from the rest.DSCN8273[1]                      And the the other hair into a ponytail. DSCN8274[1]                       Twist each section into hair. DSCN8275[1]                    Pull it all into a bun. DSCN8276[1]                        And place a headband over the hairband if you want. DSCN8278[1]                   Now you have a pretty hairstyle!DSCN8284[1] DSCN8285[1] DSCN8286[1] DSCN8290[1] DSCN8291[1] DSCN8292[1] DSCN8293[1] DSCN8294[1] DSCN8295[1] DSCN8296[1] DSCN8301[1] DSCN8302[1] DSCN8303[1] DSCN8304[1] DSCN8305[1] DSCN8306[1]

In a couple of months we are taking a longer vacation. I want to bring a doll, but my Mom wants me to leave it at home because I took my time dressing Mckenna. So if you want reviews, photo shoots, crafts, news, posts instead of nothing for two weeks like this post! Maybe if lots of people want posts Mom will let me bring a doll.


How To Do A Braided Bun

Here is a simple tutorial of how to do a braided bun. It is really easy, and you can do it on yourself too if you want. DSCN7975[1] Start with brushed hair. DSCN7976[1] Gather the hair into a ponytail where you want the bun to be. DSCN7977[1] Braid it and wrap it around itself. Insert bobby pins. DSCN7978[1] Enjoy your bun!


Quick Craft-St Patrick’s Day Headband

DSCN7385[1]Because I did no (except fixing the closet) work on the dollhouse you get a St Patrick’s day craft. This is super simple, can be made many different ways, and if you make it in different colors it can be a summer headband. DSCN7376[1]        I used yarn, duck tape, scissors, and a button. DSCN7377[1]     Start by folding a piece of duck tape in half on itself. DSCN7380[1]   Now fold it again, and cut a petal shape out of all four layers, DSCN7381[1]   You will have a flower/shamrock. DSCN7382[1]    Make a loop of duck tape, sticky side out, and thread a piece of yarn big enough to go around your doll’s head.DSCN7383[1]   Stick it onto the back of your shamrock. DSCN7384[1]     Cover the sticky side with duck tape, and add duck tape to the front. Add buttons if desired. DSCN7385[1]  Lily Anna is wearing the headband. I twisted the ends to look like a leaf, and slid the shamrock over it.

American Girl Store Columbus BeForever

Part (I have no idea) Of my american girl store adventures! BeForever!DSCN6441[1]       A Julie set up. DSCN6442[1]   Kit’s desk. DSCN6443[1]    Kit’s scooter. DSCN6444[1]  The handlebars on that scooter. DSCN6446[1]Samantha’s gazebo. DSCN6448[1] Julie’s bike.DSCN6445[1] Some Addy stuff. DSCN6452[1]Maryellen’s living room. DSCN6456[1]Kaya’s display case. DSCN6454[1]Kit’s.DSCN6453[1]Samantha’s.DSCN6451[1]Maryellen’s.DSCN6450[1]Addy’sDSCN6449[1]  And Julie’s!DSCN6447[1]  And now the Mini’s!


Joy’s Journal Part Five


part one part two part three part fourDSCN7331[1]         I layed in a hospital room, Mom on the bench next to me. I didn’t know where I was, or why I was here. DSCN7332[1]         I sat up and looked around. Mom still read her book. By the furniture I guess a hospital room, and then I remembered falling off the beam. DSCN7333[1]Mom set down her book and moved closer to talk to me. DSCN7334[1]   But then the nurse came.

“Oh Joy you are awake! I’m one of the nurses here, and I am going to help make you comfortable. You broke you leg. Can I get you anything?”

“Can you come here a minute?” Mom asked. “We should talk.”DSCN7336[1]     So the nurse came and sat down to talk to me.

“So what happened?” That was all. No chance for mom to explain, no baby voice, just a nurse talking to me.

“I fell off the beam at gym.” I told her. But somehow she could sense that there was more, and she didn’t say anything. I took that as a cue to continue. “Last time I had gym I was good at it, and they wanted me to move up a level so I could do more. But it hurt so bad the first time I fell off the beam so I didn’t have to do it again.”DSCN7337[1]Mom turned to her.

“She has a chronic illness.”

“Well I have something that can help with that! I will be right back!” DSCN7339[1]  And she was gone. DSCN7340[1]    Then she returned with a jar of pills.

“These might help. Also being gluten free might help with your chronic illness.” Then she left. DSCN7341[1]Behind her Savanna almost toppled over under the weight of some stuff. I had no idea how long she had been there, and how much she had heard, but I didn’t say anything and nether did she. DSCN7343[1]   She dumped the stuff on my bed and I winced. DSCN7344[1] “Broken leg. See?” She moved over. DSCN7346[1] “First of all a teddy bear.” DSCN7347[1]    “And a card everyone signed.” DSCN7348[1]“Some macaroons” DSCN7349[1]“And a brush.” DSCN7350[1]     As she did my hair, I felt so much better. But soon she had to leave. DSCN7351[1]   And that night I lay in bed wondering. “what if everyone knew my ‘secret’?”


How To Do A Snowflake Hairstyle


Today I am going to show you how to do this cool snowflake hairstyle. Although it might look complex, it is actually very simple. This is a good winter hairstyle, and would be a great hairstyle to wear with your Christmas dress. After you do it on your doll, try it on you!DSCN6500[1]

Pick a doll with easy to handle hair, or it won’t work great. Joy is looking a little sad, maybe we can cheer her up.DSCN6501[1]

Start by brushing all the hair and gathering it up like a ponytail. DSCN6503[1]

Separate some hair to be the outside layer and ponytail the rest. DSCN6504[1]

For the first point separate some hair. DSCN6505[1]

Brush it and put it in a ponytail. DSCN6506[1]

Do this with the rest of the outer hair. Make as many ponytails as you want points. DSCN6507[1]

Now tie some yarn around a ponytail. DSCN6508[1]

Separate the ponytail into three sections, and put the yarn into two of them. Braid. DSCN6510[1]

Braid the rest of them, and gather into a ponytail. Here’s my first try. DSCN6511[1]

And another picture. DSCN6512[1]

I decided to try again. To make it better, this time I tied each braid to the ponytail after it was braided. DSCN6513[1]

What do you think? I think I need to work on my hair styling skills.


A Hairstyle for Mckenna

I decided to do a hairstyle on Mckenna. This is how it turned out.DSCN6352[1] Ready to do it on your Mckenna?DSCN6342[1]

First brush our her hair.

DSCN6346[1]  Part her hair wherever you would like. DSCN6347[1]

Pull down two strips of hair about the same amount in each section. DSCN6348[1]

Braid them (Or twist, or fishtail, or french braid, or french ponytail,) all the way to the end. DSCN6349[1]

You can ether just flip the hair back, DSCN6350[1]

Or tie it up.

Join the two braids in the back with a hairband. DSCN6351[1]

Now you have a headband. You can ether leave it down, DSCN6352[1]

Or tie the rest of the hair back. Ether way Mckenna has a sporty hairstyle.


American Girl Love To Layer Accessories

When I bought Eileen, the Truly Me accessories were on sale, and buying them with the doll got you five dollars off. I decided to buy them, and I am happy with them. They make a lot of outfits better.

Here is all the stuff laid out. There is a jean vest, tutu, 6 soft hairbands, headband, and three clips.


The vest has ruffles, three patches, a cuff, and a diagonal zipper, with a star zipper pull.


It is lined with fleccey stuff.


The tutu has two layers of pink tulle, and a glittery waistband with a bow.DSCN5908[1]

Here is closeup of the hair stuff. The head band is covered with shimmery, gold cloth and has a sparkely gold bow. It had a ginormous tag, but I cut it off. We have three clips, in magenta, bubble gum pink, and lime green. There are six soft hairbands in assorted colors, but I wish there was two of each color, so they can match if you braid her hair.


Here is Eileen wearing the jacket. It fits well, and looks sporty. It looks sort of like a girl scout vest, because of the patches.


She can also wear it backwards. I like the plain look.


Eileen is wearing the tutu. It would work as a ballet tutu. I like how it looks over the dress.


Here are both. I like it, but the mix of sporty, and girly is a little weird.


They also work without a anything underneath them. The tutu works, but in real life it is sort of see through. It would work with a leotard though.


The headband is really cute, but doesn’t do all that much for holding the hair back.


It doesn’t come all the way down.



The clips don’t hold a lot of hair, but they still work for twists and such.


The hairbands work well, as they are stretchy enough to hold all the hair, yet work for just a little.

Overall I give this outfit a four out of five. It could be better, but I still really like it.


American Girl Eileen



The story behind this doll is that I fell in love with the meet outfit before it came out. I decided to save up for a truly me doll, that looked like me. When they came out, I realized I could get just the outfit, but it was too late. I wanted the doll. I decided on 27, because she looked the most like me, (Even though she didn’t look very much like me)  and we when we went to the american girl store, On the website that morning, I realized that we should look at the redheads. We looked at the red haired ones, and decided that 33 looked the most like me. Even though I don’t have red hair, her hair color is close, and instead of wavy hair she has curly hair, which doesn’t matter to me, and I happen to know that her hair will soon look wavier than curly. DSCN5874[1]

Here is Eileen in her meet outfit. She is a beautiful doll, and I love her a lot.


And then here is that lovely dress. It’s lavender and girly, it has three quater sleeves, a shiny belt, and layers off tulle at the collar and end, some with sequins. It’s way to short, in my opinion, but that can be fixed with leggings. She has a cloth body, and pink underwear.


The belt is silver with silver threads woven in. In the light, it shines. The belt is not removable, it is sewn on, and splits in the back where there is Velcro.


Then here we have that american girl charm. This picture is sort of blurry, but I like that it shoes how shiny the tulle is. There is a layer of purple tulle, and a layer of silver. The purple layer has small sequins.


Eileen wears sky blue flats, with shiny silver dots on the front. You can feel the sparkles of the dots, it feels like glitter, but they don’t shed glitter.


And here is Eileen’s face. She has a side part, and her right side’s hair falls across her face.


She has a classic face mold, which to me means that the shape of her lips are different.


Here eyes are pure blue, no other colors mixed in. Her eyelashes are long and in a line, not spread out like humans are. Her eyebrows are a bunch of small lines painted on.


She has strawberry blond hair, but I call it golden, like mine. They call it red, but it doesn’t really look red. It is curly, with a bunch of curls down her back.


Her arms can go out, and not just around, like most other dolls.


She can cross her legs, but I can’t get her to stand up on her own, while doing it.


Her legs can twist out.


And she can sit, anywhere from wide, DSCN5893[1]

to her legs together.


Her head can turn, but It can’t tilt.


And she has long neck strings, that if you untie her head comes off. The back of her neck has american girl on it.

So there is my review of Eileen, Truly Me 33. I love her, and think that everyone should have a 33.