About Me

Hey, I’m Lexie!
I’m a christian, homeschooled teenager, and I love to read, dance, act, make things or do pretty much anything creative, and, of course, dolls.
I got into dolls because someone gave me a box of American Girl books when I was ten. I went home and gathered all the American Girl books we had and put them in the box, but the books sat in the box for a long time. Eventually I started reading them, and from there on I was hooked on American Girl. Soon after that I had three American Girl mini dolls of my own. I posted their adventures on Creative Castle, which had been my guinea pig blog, until I ran out of space to post pictures.
At the time Mckenna was my favorite doll, though she was retired. I saved money for seven months until I had more than two hundred dollars. I bid on every Mckenna on Ebay that I could afford, but it took awhile to actually win one. I remember watching one that I had bid on. It had fifteen seconds left, and I was the top bidder.
“Surely no one will outbid me by fifteen seconds.”I remember thinking.
But when it had four seconds left the top bid changed to something higher, and I lost. A few days after that though, I did finally win one. A Mckenna of my own. And then the person who outbid me by four seconds didn’t pay for their doll, and it was offered to me, but I ended up with the one I actually won.
I loved that doll to death. She meant so much to me.
I started posting on this blog soon after I got Mckenna, but it wasn’t until I had a few more dolls, recieved as Christmas presents, bought with my own money, or found at thrift sores, that I started posting regularly.
My collection is smaller than it used to be, and I’m not as crazy about dolls, but I still love them, and I always will.
I like to post crafts, reviews, and photoshoots now, but mostly I love to do photostories. I love to write so much that I post my writing on Creative Castle now, as ususally I don’t need pictures.
I’d love to talk to you if you email me at Dolltasticallyfun(at)Gmail(dot)com.