Joy’s Journal Part Thirteen

part one part two part three part four part five Part Six part seven part Eight Part Nine Part ten  Part Eleven Part TwelveDSCN8383[1]                      Summer. It used to be fun. That was when I had Savanna, before her Mom got a job and she went to camp all summer, and I could move without being in agony. (Just pain) I had written everything, done everything there was to do without having other people around. (Mom was at work, Savanna was at camp, my sisters were at classes, I didn’t have any pets.) Then I got an idea. We had a woods behind our house. I would go on a hike, and be home before anyone noticed. I went outside and started my hike.DSCN8385[1]                          As soon as I crossed the bridge it was a wonderland. Huge trees, adventure everywhere.DSCN8387[1]                        A log twice as tall as I was.DSCN8388[1]                          A very tall tree that was thinner than me.DSCN8389[1]                          I balanced on a log, trying to stay on. A breeze came on. I must not be very good at balancing, because I went…..

DSCN8390[1]                          CLONK! All the way down the hill. DSCN8391[1]                          As soon as I stopped tumbling I pushed myself up. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get out. I lay there for hours, trying to get out but nothing worked. A couple hours later I heard Mom calling. “JOY!” I screamed till I had no voice left.DSCN8392[1]                          Soon though, Faith tumbled down to meet me. DSCN8393[1]                            She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. DSCN8394[1]                         I don’t remember much of the way back, as it was all blurry, but I do remember one thing.

“Joy, you can’t be home alone anymore. I am afraid you will hurt yourself. I am sending you to camp.” I probably protested, but it was settled. I was going to camp. After I recovered from this hike.


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