Random Trip Stuff

This weekend I went on a trip with my family to visit an Aunt. Mckenna came along, and here is some random doll stuff. I didn’t bring my camera into the hotel so they are all car pics, but some of them are good. It was at least ten hours in the car, and Mckenna helped with some of that.

DSCN8058[1] DSCN8061[1] DSCN8062[1]                   This is my favorite picture from the batch. DSCN8063[1] DSCN8264[1] DSCN8265[1]                        When we went to lunch we had to wait 40 minutes, so we walked over to goodwill next to the place we were eating. I found an american girl book in the book section and read it on the way home.

DSCN8266[1] DSCN8267[1]

It’s a Mckenna song!DSCN8268[1]                   Now here is a little hairstyle how to.  You will everything on my lap. DSCN8269[1]                     Use your doll’s hair to cut yarn a bit longer than her hair. DSCN8270[1]                       Tie the yarn to a hairband. DSCN8271[1]                            Put on the doll’s head. DSCN8272[1]                          Separate some hair from the rest.DSCN8273[1]                      And the the other hair into a ponytail. DSCN8274[1]                       Twist each section into hair. DSCN8275[1]                    Pull it all into a bun. DSCN8276[1]                        And place a headband over the hairband if you want. DSCN8278[1]                   Now you have a pretty hairstyle!DSCN8284[1] DSCN8285[1] DSCN8286[1] DSCN8290[1] DSCN8291[1] DSCN8292[1] DSCN8293[1] DSCN8294[1] DSCN8295[1] DSCN8296[1] DSCN8301[1] DSCN8302[1] DSCN8303[1] DSCN8304[1] DSCN8305[1] DSCN8306[1]

In a couple of months we are taking a longer vacation. I want to bring a doll, but my Mom wants me to leave it at home because I took my time dressing Mckenna. So if you want reviews, photo shoots, crafts, news, posts instead of nothing for two weeks like this post! Maybe if lots of people want posts Mom will let me bring a doll.


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