Joy’s Journal Part Eight, Hopeless

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Before I start I want to say that this is the character. This has NOTHING to do with my real life. It is based off of someone who did something similar, but that was a long time ago. 

DSCN7917[1]     Mom and Hope were at the store, and I was all alone doing homework. Then a scary thought struck me. What if I was like this forever? I knew that chronically ill people took longer to heal, but what if I was like this forever? I hadn’t known that ‘falling’ off the beam could change my life forever! Something had to change. I didn’t want to put up with this forever.DSCN7918[1]         I snuck down to the empty kitchen. DSCN7921[1]         Then I pulled the biggest knife I could find out of the cabinet. DSCN7923[1]         Raising it, I was about to use it to stab myself.

“Joy!” DSCN7927[1]       In a blur I jumped, and dropped the knife on my foot. DSCN7928[1]         I sat down and bandaged my foot. DSCN7929[1]      Having hobbled up to my room I flopped on the bed, trying not to believe what I had almost done, crying myself to sleep.


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