Joy’s Journal- The Secret

So here’s my new series. Joy’s Journal. It’s about a girl living with a secret, and how she deals with it. It’s journal style, but there will still be pictures, because Joy is an artiest. Anyway, here it is!

I had finished writing early, so I opened my journal.


Ok so where was I? Oh yeah, my secret.

I’m sick. Not with a cold or the flu, but with a chronic illness, (Meaning it probably won’t ever go away.) Only my parents know about this, but that doesn’t make it any more bearable.

Every day I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus- tiered, sore, and wanting to skip the day. Sometimes it get so bad, that I can’t even do normal  things like go to school. Sometimes I have to skip things I really want to go to. Displaying image1.jpeg

Here’s a pain scale.Displaying image1.jpeg Most people complain when they get to two, but for me, it’s a nine most days. I never tell though. I hate being pitied, and if people knew, I would be pitied all the time. So no one knows. Not that it’s easy though. I try not to lie, but sometimes I have to to cover up my secret. DSCN7002[1]Some days I can do things like open draws, climb stairs, and get dressed. Some days it;s like climbing mount Everest, and it takes all my strength. DSCN7004[1]If you see me sliding down the banister, it’s not because I’m insane, but because it takes too much strength to simply walk down the stairs.

Anyway, maybe I should tell you a little more about me, because my illness doesn’t describe who I am. My name is Joy Fully. Yes my parents really did name me Joy Fully. I have a middle name too.(But you will never ever figure it out.) Mom often tells me to do things Joyfully, and I do, because that’s me. Sometimes I get teased, but I don’t bear it alone. I have three sisters, Hope Fully, Faith Fully, and Grace Fully.                                                                                                                                                           I really like art. I am pretty good at it too. And I love writing in this journal, but I have to hide it, because I don’t anyone finding out my secret.

I have a hard life, but what can I do? It’s just who I am. Joy Fully.


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